Museum Auberlehaus - museum of local history in Trossingen


On five levels in two dozen halls and rooms of the former tavern with farm "zum Lamm", built in 1718, and in parts of the annex which is also housing the Harmonica Museum, crucial parts of the Trossingen history are shown:

Early traces of the Celts, Romans and the Alemanni, documents from 1,200 years of history, rural life in the 18th and 19th centuries, traditional costumes and ancient customs, trade and commerce.Apart from that, at least three special features, which go beyond a normal museum of local history, characterize the museum Auberlehaus: The Trossingen dinosaurs "Plateosaurus trossingensis" who lived 200 million years ago, with the story of their discovery and two skeleton molds in original size, the beginning and the importance of the Trossingen harmonica industry with the "Harmonikastube", and the Demetz gallery, showing life and work of the painter Karl Demetz (1909-1986) from Trossingen with numerous oil paintings, drawings and watercolors. There are special exhibitions time and again at the Auberlehaus in the Siegfried-Strom-Stube and in the "Small gallery".




Auberlehaus:Marktplatz 6
78647 Trossingen

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