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Music educator
Profession with a future

... with the main subjects accordion, conducting and elementary music education
Where? At the Hohner-Conservatory in Trossingen
6-semester practice-oriented studies with a state-approved final examination

Main subjects:
Accordion, conducting, elementary music education

Minor subjects
Piano, popular piano pop/arrangements, orchestra practice, music history, study of musical forms, analysis of musical works, composition, ear training, instrumental education, teaching instruction, demonstration lessons, literature studies, general-education subjects

Start of studies:
Winter semester September
Summer semester February

Contents of the seminar:
Theory: audiometry - intervals - chords + reversals
(Saturday) Scales and tone series one and two voice dictations, harmonics + 4-voice movement (analysis + intermission)
Practice: discussion of literature, interpretation, tips
(Sunday) and recommendations

New! Occupational orientation for pupils
of secondary schools (Realschule, Gymnasium) with previous musical knowledge on the accordion - starting now!
We would like to introduce the profession of state-approved music educator to interested pupils in a one-week occupational and study orientation. The pupils have the opportunity to explore both practical and theoretical contents of a possible study.
The orientation is meant for pupils who are already making music, enjoy playing the accordion, are involved in extra-curricular music groups at school, are music mentors in projects at school and in a club.
If you are interested, please contact the HOHNER-Conservatory. In a personal meeting, the orientation plan will be established, coordinated with the appropriate principal and then realized.

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